Mt. Paran Ministries

Sunday School

The Sunday Church School is the second teaching arm of the church—after the Pastor.  Our goal is to make new disciples and to empower and change the lives of all members.  Using The Bible, study guides, lectures, class discussions and other materials and activities, the Word of God is studied and applied to the lives of the students.  We look forward each Sunday to encouraging all students—all ages—to learn and grow in the wisdom and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Children's Ministry

Mt. Paran’s Children’s Church ministry helps our young people (ages 3-11) learn about Christ through age-appropriate curriculum, crafts and games. This evolving ministry offers a safe and loving environment for the children of our members and visitors, and is focused on providing a learning experience that is centered on the Word of God.  Each of our nurturing teachers has a passion for helping each child come to know, love and follow Jesus, as our ultimate goal is to help them find their salvation and develop a personal relationship with Christ.  Lessons are focused on prayer, worship, faith, service and love with the hope that our students will be able to apply what they have learned to their daily lives.​

The Mt. Paran Pearls of Praise Youth Choir is open to ALL youth ages 3-12 years old.  They do NOT have to be members of Mt. Paran, but should have a desire to sing and praise God!  The Pearls of Praise rehearse every (except the Wednesday after they sing) from 6:15-6:45pm, and they sing each 3rd Sunday at the 11am service.  Please note that a parent/guardian must stay during each rehearsal.  If you have any additional questions, please see Sis. Tammy Cook.

Men's Ministry
Women United for Christ

The purpose of the Men’s Ministry Fellowship (MMF) is to develop a forum where men can meet and connect with their pastor and each other. The Men’s Ministry Fellowship will be Christ-Centered with emphasis on personal spiritual growth.

The Men’s Ministry Fellowship (MMF) will create opportunities to use the talents and resources of men to make an impact at Mt Paran and in the community. Finally, the MMF will develop activities to foster brotherhood that are fun and recreational.

The Women United for Christ (WUC) ministry is the primary organization that all women at Mt. Paran have membership.  The purpose of the WUC ministry is to bring the women of Mt. Paran together on a consistent basis to provide fellowship, encouragement, spiritual guidance and love to all women in our church.  We seek to enlist the women in our church to actively participate in ministry activities that will directly impact and influence the vision and mission of Mt. Paran Baptist Church.