About Our Pastor

Rev. T. D. Robinson is the Senior Pastor of Mt. Paran Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He is currently celebrating his 25th year in the ministry of the gospel and has a passion for making the church relevant without losing the message of Christ.


Rev. Robinson is a Ph.D. candidate at the Indiana Institute of Technology with an emphasis in Global Leadership.  Rev. Robinson is the “vision caster” for the City of HOPE – an all-encompassing new church campus focused on helping people from all walks of life reach their potential in Christ.


For over 20 years, Rev. Robinson has faithfully served in numerous positions for the National Baptist Convention of America.  Rev Robinson service encompasses his tenure in Illinois as well as Missouri and Indiana, his experience working for the body of Christ is extensive.  Rev Robinson has served as a member of the Christian Education Board and Evangelical Board for the National Convention.   On the state level he has served as a Vice-President to the Indiana Baptist State Convention and as a Special Advisor to the Congress of Christian Education for the Illinois National Baptist State Convention.


In addition, Rev Robinson has extensive community service experience with various organizations such as Habitat for Humanities, The Church Federation, Rotary Club International, Indianapolis Chamber, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and other Ecumenical organizations.


Rev. Robinson’s commitment to the growth of the body of Christ has been evident in his service over many years.

Rev. Robinson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Moses Robinson.  He is married to his loving and supportive wife of 28 years, Alice Robinson. Together they parent and love three children Tiffany, Terrell and Camari.

Associate Ministerss 


Under the direction of Pastor Robinson, the Associate Ministers seek to spiritually feed and nourish the congregation during all worship services.  The ministers are available to provide spiritual support for the membership in the following areas: visitation to hospitalized and sick and shut-in members; comfort and support during bereavement; marriages; celebrations; and various types of counseling for seniors, adults and youth.

Office Staff


The Mt. Paran Office staff serves the administrative needs of the Pastor and congregation. During the week, the office staff is available to collect information from the congregation regarding illnesses, hospitalizations, deaths, etc., and disseminate it to the Pastor and Deacons as necessary.  The staff also assists the Pastor with scheduling appointments and preparing information to be reported to the congregation during Sunday and Wednesday services.  Finally, the Office staff assists the Pastor with receiving new members when they join Mt. Paran.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am-4:30pm, and the staff can be reached at 317-542-8200 or

City Of Hope

Our goal for the City of HOPE is to minister to 5,000 individuals and as many as 1,250 families.

In cities across the United States, millions of individuals are struggling to get by.  As many as 37 million adults and 15 million children are living in substandard conditions and suffer from the compounding factors of unemployment, low wages, low educational attainment, single-parent households, lack of health care, and sometimes drug and alcohol abuse.


Often, whole neighborhoods and communities are affected.

From a desire to be a part of the solution to the problems that families experience daily in our community the City of HOPE vision was born in the hearts of the Mt Paran Church family.

The vision for the City of HOPE is to provide high-quality services that meet the physical, social, economic, educational, and spiritual needs of the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area.


The City of Hope will offer a full range of services adapted to the specific needs of local communities, including continuing help with transportation, housing, and food needs.


City of HOPE’s first priorities are to offer:

  • Ÿ A fully licensed day-care facility,

  • Ÿ A charter school for grades K-12, and

  • Ÿ Before and after-school programs, with arts, educational and athletic offerings.

Help us get there.

If this vision has inspired you, and you feel lead to be a part of helping others please consider sharing a tax-deductible gift to the City of HOPE project.